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TitleEarly Registration
AbstractPick up your tickets and merchandise on Friday, and avoid the queues on Saturday morning. Maybe find some buddies to have a beer and talk some hax with over dinner and a cold one?
LocationFri 04 1430 @ Meow
Duration210 mins

TitleSaturday Doors Open
AbstractDoors open, come and pick up your tickets and merch early to avoid the queue. Then go get a cup of coffee (and maybe get one for your favorite Crue member, who's been there since 5am).
LocationSat 05 0700 @ The Opera House Foyer, Ground Floor
Duration120 mins

TitleClosedown - Saturday
AbstractEnd of day one. Go get some dinner, then onwards to the main event...
LocationSat 05 1815 @ The Opera House
Duration15 mins

TitleSunday Doors Open
AbstractDoors open at 0815, grab a cup of coffee and rub your head before another day of conning.
LocationSun 06 0815 @ The Opera House Foyer, Level 1
Duration75 mins

TitleClosedown - Sunday
AbstractAnd thats it. Con over. Go home. Or to the afterparty.
LocationSun 06 1730 @ The Opera House
Duration15 mins