Kiwicon V

Welcome to Kiwicon 5, New Zealand's Hacker con, organised by and for the hacker community, their whitehat chums, and any curious bystanders who are interested in the very very thin veneer of robustness spackled over our technological world.

Key Dates

  • 08 Aug: CFP Opens
  • 22 Aug: Ticket Sales Open
  • 18 Sep: 1st cut talks announced
  • 02 Oct: CFP Closes
  • 17 Oct: Merchandise orders end
  • 04 Nov: Day 0 - Friday Drop In
  • 05 Nov: Day 1 - Kiwicon 5
  • 06 Nov: Day 2 - Kiwicon 5
  • 07 Nov: Hangover
  • 19 Nov: Ruxcon, Melbourne
Things you might like to do while you're here:
  • Check out the schedule, presentations, speakers and events
  • Reconnoiter the new (much larger) venue ... the majestic Wellington Opera House.
  • The CFP is open, and we are accepting talk submissions until the 2nd of October. If you don't want to present, then consider volunteering to help out.
  • Ticket sales will open 22nd August. Kiwicon 5 features a significant increase in venue capacity over previous years, so there should be enough tickets for everyone.
  • Confused? Got a Question? What's a Hacker anyway? Ask the FAQ
  • Looking for one of the previous Kiwicons?
  • Need something else? Contact us

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Microwave waa-aay aaay-aay aay-ve.

Posted Nov. 7, 2011 1:31 a.m.

Well, jesus christ on a pogo stick, that was quite the con. 

Thanks to everyone; speakers, volunteers, caffiene couriers, logistics, AV, Lisa!, and to all of y'all for turning up, and indulging us in getting to swan about, and run you guys a con. Or a stage show. Or live comedy. Or whatever it is that we do. 

Goodnight to all, and to all a good night (well, morning.) 

\m/etl, out. 

On Her Black Wings

Posted Nov. 5, 2011 5:25 a.m.

Its 0500 saturday, and we're about to go have ourselves a Kiwicon. 

Hells to the yeah. 



Its Kiwicon Time!

Posted Nov. 4, 2011 12:23 p.m.

Planes are full of hackers, Meow is full of hackers, the Kiwicon Crue are full of last minute "OMFG HO'SHIT WHAT ABOUT....", and we're having ourselves a con. Keep an eye on the @kiwicon twitters for up to the minute action shots. 

See y'all there.

And here we go again...

Posted Nov. 3, 2011 9:40 p.m.

Guidance is Internal

Posted Nov. 3, 2011 11:39 a.m.

Online ticket sales have closed now, at 601 tickets sold. There will be limited (~30) doorsales available, so if you've missed out, come on down and try your luck in person. 

All ticket holders should have received an email with information about picking up your tickets, which is reproduced below:

You have three options for collecting your merch and tickets for the con.

Turn up to the Friday Drop In Centre at Meow sometime between 2-6:30pm, pick up your stuff in relative calm, maybe with a cup of tea and scone.
Saturday Morning during peak time (7-9am):
At the Opera House box offices (just inside the main doors), there will be two queues: one for odd numbered orders, one for even. If you don't know your order number (you got this in your registration email) then there'll be a special remedial queue for people who don't know their order number or event remember the whole bit where they bought a ticket at all. Don't be in this queue, it'll suck, and everyone else will make fun of you as they swan past, looking smug, off to get a free cup of coffee or some other deluxe thing you're missing out on.
After Saturday Morning:
You can pick up your ticket at either the box office if it's staffed, or if not, then in the upstairs foyer at the merchandise desk.

If you can manage to pick up your ticket on Friday, it'll make Saturday morning smoother for everyone, and with over 600 people (!) coming to Kiwicon, we need all the smooth we can get.

Beyond ticket pickups, be sure to have a quick look here for the latest schedule, information about the Saturday and Sunday night events, and late breaking news (you might consider following @kiwicon on twitter too, if you're into that sort of thing). Bear in mind that there is no official conference provided internet access at the Opera House, so you're on your own with cellular tubes, or whatever wireless is around.

We hope you enjoy the madness that is Kiwicon, now five, twice the size, and in a freakin' Opera House.