Friday Drop In

If you're in town on the Friday then you should drop in to the all new (and creatively named) Kiwicon Friday Drop-In Centre.

We're trying something new this year - from 2pm-6:30pm Friday, The Kiwicon Crue will be set up at Meow, a cafe in central Wellington, where you can pick up your tickets & merchandise, grab a beer, great coffee, or a snack and chill out with the other Kiwicon types who are around in an informal, lounge atmosphere.

If you want to help out with organising stuff, we'll find you something to do. If you wanna kick back and chat with The Crue, speakers and other Kiwicon types over good craft beer, thats cool too.

Otherwise there'll be stuff going on - the Kiwicon training will also be occuring at Meow. D.roc's lock picking workshop and metlstorm's bareback unix privesc classes will both be running there, in a less formal, less classroomy sort of way than previous years. There will be no pre-registration for the training; it'll just run with whoever is there when they both kick off, up to the maximum number. Check out the training page for specific details and prerequisites, and the schedule.

Meow is a little hard to find, being down a back alley, but we'll signpost it from the corner of Victoria St and Manners Mall (those of you who attended will recognise it as last year's Speaker & VIP Gig venue). Have a look at the relevant venue page for more details, and a map.